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We re-nail the roof decking 6" apart with 8 penny ring shank nails which enables the homeowner to qualify for a discount on homeowners insurance.    We offer a secondary water barrier underlayment which enables up to a 20% discount on insurance.   We offer a service to strengthen the roof to wall connections ( a metal connector which connects the exterior wall of the home to the roof truss)  which also offers a significant discount to the homeowner.

We still hot mop our underlayment for our tile roofs. Many roofers are now using self adhered underlayment’s. We do not believe these materials are time tested in Florida. And will continue to use the system that has worked so well for a hundred years.  We use adhesive foam to fasten the tile to the underlayment decreasing over all weight and increasing wind resistance.  We also use a metal eve closure to modernize the tile roof system.

Roofing Shingle replacements are expertly performed with strict adherence to manufacturers requirements ensuring full warranty validity as well as state and local building codes to assure smooth job progress and final inspections.